Friday, August 26, 2011

Round ‘em up and Euthanize

If you're easily offended, I'm thinking you should probably skip this post. Because quite frankly, I'm pissed off. I can explain why in one sentence and you'll probably understand.

I watched the news today.
Yep, I know, big freaking mistake.

For those of you that know me, and even those that don't, the title of this blog might surprise you. I'm not exactly known for being big on capital punishment. As a rule, I'm liberal enough to make my republican husband want to pull out all his hair and bang his head firmly on the bar while sucking down large quantities of alcohol just to blunt my message. We do this on a regular basis when discussing politics or social issues. It's usually fun for me. However, on this particular topic, we stand together, united and fully in agreement.

People suck and should be euthanized. Not all people, just the ones that really need it.

I'm not talking about the idiots that cut you off in traffic, or the bitchy chick behind the counter at the coffee shop. I would never be that arbitrary. Besides, if we get rid of the stupid people, who would we make fun of? No - I'm talking about social justice and upholding the moral order of the universe. I'm talking about ridding the planet of the scum buckets that hurt kids.

The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, folks. And for the first time in my life, I actually think I mean it. I'd love to say that it's probably the weather, which has been enough to make me want to sit down and sob, that's making people a little bonkers (Dallas is on Day 60 of 100+ degree days this summer). But it can't be blamed on anything other than the truth. They're just bat-shit crazy and should be put down.

In one thirty minute segment of the local news, our blank faced, neutral toned anchorman reported not one, but THREE instances of child cruelty or homicide. This is stuff that was reported in one single, solitary day, people. And it wasn't some lunatic pedophile that perpetrated these horrendous acts. The villains in these true crime stories were these poor, defenseless children's mom and dad.

Let me run them down for you, just so you can get a flavor what kind of madness I'm describing.

  1. A father snatches his two sons by yanking their mother out of the car and drives like a bat out of hell to the nearest body of water where he proceeds to drown them, one at a time. Reason cited: He didn't want another man to raise them. He readily admits this as soon as he's apprehended. Yeah, I'm thinking anybody is better than you ass-wipe. Have fun in prison getting raped every day. It's too good for you.
  2. A mother of nine left her 2 year old in the backseat of the car, which was parked outside, during naptime. In 100+ degree weather. The poor baby died within hours, probably excruciatingly. I get that nine kids is a lot to keep track of, but really. Really.
  3. A father and stepmother withheld water for five days from a 10 year old as punishment. The little boy died of dehydration. I'd like to make a flippant remark about this, but I'm utterly speechless. Utterly.

Maybe this is just the state of the world today and I need to just get over it. Or maybe because I'm pregnant I have an overabundance of hormones and I'm overreacting. Not sure. I just know I'm spitting angry…and I want to do something about it. No, I don't ACTUALLY mean euthanasia, though I'm sure my husband would be willing to offer his services pro-bono. (That's called sarcasm …. some folks use it to ease tense situations.)

No, I mean actually do something productive. I'm going to donate to a local organization aimed at preventing child abuse. Something I just found out is that Texas leads all states in the number of reported child abuse cases. This is NOT the distinction I want for my home state. If you're in Texas, hit the link below and join me in being part of the solution.

If you're not in Texas, simply Google child abuse prevention for your local area. Think of all the good we could do.

That's it for me. I'm spent and sad, and longing to go slip into bed with my little one and hug her all night. It'll tick her off, but it will be worth it. J

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  1. We need to put you in charge as judge, jury and executioner! I like the way you're thinking.