Friday, September 2, 2011

Well, I wasn’t going to give them MY cell number!

I confess. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. In my defense, I was bored out of my mind.

This afternoon, I spent over three hours completing webinar training sessions for my day job. Mandatory trainings, such as the rules around the Fair Labor Standards Act, Affirmative Action, and Electronic Records Management. Scintillating stuff.

So in order to maintain sanity, I elected to multi task by taking approximately 60-90 seconds out of my very intense concentration on the important regulatory material to check Facebook to make sure I wasn't missing any critical current events of friends and family. As I was doing this, I noticed a quiz application titled, "Which True Blood character are you?" Knowing how deeply invested in this show I am, of course I took the quiz.

But, bastards that all quiz developers are, they take me completely through the Q&A, then at the very end require me to enter my name, email and cell phone number. So I enter my favorite name….Anita Dick (just wait for it, the humor will hit you soon). I already have an email that I use for this purpose that I never check, so no harm done there. Then I hit the requirement for a cell phone number. I try the old standby of 888-555-1212, but its smarter than that. Now I'm stuck. I really want my results. Am I Sookie, or am I Jessica? Surely I'm not Pam – she's a be-atch. So I think – I'll just use my husband's cell phone number. He'll never know.

I enter it, then BAM. I get a screen that says, "Check your text messages for a 4 digit PIN and enter here for your results."

DAMMIT!!!! Now, to get my results, I have to call Thomas and tell him what I've done. Crap. If you know anything about him, he's, like insane about personal security, protection of all data in desperate fear of identity theft. This conversation can't go well. He's currently enroute on the highway, returning from a long work week in Houston. And probably cranky. Great.

Our conversation went something like this….

Me: Hi. Whatcha doing?

Him: Just stopped for gas. What's up?

Me: Did you get a strange text message?

Him: Yea, about some kind of offer? I deleted it.

Me: You deleted it? Can you get it back?

Him: No, my phone doesn't save deleted text messages. Why?

Me: Don't be mad, but I was doing a Facebook quiz and in order to get my results I had to enter a valid cell phone number.

Him: Why would you put in my number?

Me: Well, I wasn't going to give them MY cell number!

Him: You're a witch.

Me: So you really can't get it back?

Him: No, I deleted it.

Me: So now I'm not gonna know which True Blood character I'm like.

Him: Goodbye, Kelly.

So, all in all it didn't go nearly as poorly as it could have, but dangit… I still don't know what TrueBlood character I'm like. And I'm still not going to give them my cell. That would just be asking for it. J

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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